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    E-commerce Logistics.

    Tired of the same old excuses why your parcels aren’t getting delivered? Us too! Revolutionise your shipping strategy with Fastdrop.

    Are you a shipping partner or a postal company seeking a more efficient and reliable solution to deliver parcels to your Maltese client base?

    We understand the challenges you face in ensuring timely and secure deliveries and we’re here to provide a game-changing alternative to the legacy delivery services that might not be meeting your expectations.

    Why should you outsource your deliveries to Fastdrop?

    Exceptional success rate.

    Fastdrop prides itself on a remarkable 97% successful delivery rate on the first attempt. We achieve this by maintaining open communication with customers and providing flexible delivery options. Minimise the return of undelivered parcels, reduce operational costs and ensure a satisfied customer base.

    Expertise in local knowledge.

    With over decade of experience as the brains behind eCabs, Malta’s most renowned taxi service, Fastdrop has an unparalleled understanding of Malta’s roads, routes and logistical intricacies. We leverage state-of the-art smart fleet management technologies to optimise our operations using real-time traffic data. This local knowledge ensures we navigate efficiently, avoiding delays and streamlining deliveries.

    Cost-effective solutions.

    Fastdrop offers cost-effective delivery solutions that outshine international entities at price point. Our competitive pricing ensures you maximise your budget while providing top-notch delivery services to your customers. By partnering with us, you can save on operational expenses without compromising on quality.

    Streamlined partner integration.

    We are a logistics partner that seamlessly integrates with your existing e-commerce operations. Our client portal allows you to effortlessly upload single or bulk delivery requests, simplifying logistics management. Connect your portal to ours to create a seamless, efficient system tailored to your needs.

    Convenience for your customers.

    End clients are free to change the delivery location and if we don’t manage to deliver, several attempts are made before collection from our central hub is offered.


    Track the status of your shipment with us using our client portal so you can follow our journey as we get your parcels where they need to be.

    Unparalleled speed and reliability.

    A commitment to speed which remains unmatched. We understand the importance of delivering parcels promptly and that’s why we offer rapid delivery services, including our remarkable 60-minute delivery promise. Even when handling 100 simultaneous requests, we maintain our commitment to deliver within the hour. Say goodbye to lengthy delays and hello to exceptional speed and efficiency.

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    "We needed a partner that could deliver the excellence our clients expect from us."

    Entering the market as a challenger brand, Carisma is a popular retail and e-commerce jewellery company founded in 2020. Great products and a strong customer care ethos helped Carisma achieve excellent market penetration almost from inception.
    As a new brand in the country everything they did mattered. Including who they could trust with the same day and next day deliveries to their client base and the distribution of stock from store to outlets.
    Martina Borg – Director Carisma