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    68% of EU consumers make use of online services.

    Where people and products come together.


    The e-commerce industry is booming. Global online sales reached €3.57 trillion in 2020. This surge in online shopping has led to increased demand for shipping services and logistics partners that can streamline the end-to-end process.

    The fact is people want the comfort and ease of home deliveries. We exist to close your sales cycle successfully.


    International Partnerships

    Are you looking for a local representative in Malta that an efficiently handle door to door deliveries. With a service that’s proven to be more agile, efficient and easier for your end client than incumbent national postal services?

    Optimise your logistics operations with Fastdrop.

    Outsourcing your fleet logistics to Fastdrop presents a compelling advantage over internal management. With Fastdrop you can optimise your logistics operations by:

    • Tapping into a wealth of specialised expertise.
    • Accessing cutting-edge technology and an extensive network.

    • Experience end-to-end services, from last to middle mile.
    • Reducing overheads: labor, operations and maintenance expenses reduction.

    The more efficient your logistics and distribution process, the more time you get back to focus on growing your core business, whatever it might be. From refrigerated goods to tech products and jewellery to medicines, we can help businesses from any industry.

    We don’t just keep our promises. We keep yours too.

    Outsourcing your last-mile deliveries to Fastdrop is a strategic choice that yields significant benefits. By entrusting us with your last-mile operations you gain access to:

    • A network optimised for efficiency.
    • A team who can navigate complex routes and delivery challenges.
    • Communication with the end customer who will be kept informed of the delivery schedule.
    • The option for your customers to change the location of the delivery.
    • Visibility of the progress of your delivery in an easy-to-use portal.
    • A success rate of 97% in first attempted delivery.
    • The possibility for 1 hour delivery from your door to theirs.

    Fastdrop’s commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that your packages reach their destination on time, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution to enhance your brand’s reputation and customer experience.

    What makes Fastdrop unique?

    Unveiling our three core pillars for sustained success.

    Trusted by prominent
    Maltese & International companies

    "Fastdrop have been an integral part in our growth"

    Since the start of our online business, Fastdrop has been our go-to courier service, for the past 3 years. They have been an integral part in our growth, providing great attention to detail to ensure total customer satisfaction. Their proactive approach and strong communication with our team ensures that any potential issues are addressed promptly, allowing swift resolutions and minimise any disruptions in our operations
    Simon Mifsud – Head of Retail, Marks & Spencer